Irene Walker
Personal Info
Alias Aunt Irene
Age 40
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Chapter Bonds 1.1

Irene Walker is the daughter of Rose Thorburn Senior, sister of Charles Thorburn, Paul Thorburn, and Bradley Thorburn, as well as the mother of Molly Walker, Callan Walker, and Christoff Walker.


Irene has brown hair and is described as someone who looks ten years older than she appeared, the type of person who had faced hardships every day and had emerged just a fraction weaker from each crisis.


Irene has a rivalry with her siblings that extends down their family line due to their upbringing. Even so, she was hurt to find that her daughter was killed. This seems to be within the frame of her family, as she doesn't act hostile to what she assumes is a child playing in the snow (it was really a Goblin), merely telling it to stop playing around and offering a handkerchief to clean up the blood on its face.


Bonds & DamagesEdit

Irene Walker appeared at the her Mother's home with her family, divide into camps with her siblings doing the same with their family. When Molly was selected as the heir to the house she admonished her for trying to deny it and was then evicted by Molly.

When they met after Molly's death she showed hostility towards Blake, even if not outwardly expressive of it, that ends when Laird shows up, with Blake noticing someone manipulating the connections to force it.

Mala FideEdit

At the advice of Sandra Duchamp and with the backings of the local police and major players, she tries to challenge Rose for custodianship of the Hillglades House, unaware that her daughter's ghost was following her. At her memorial, they encounter Mags and she presumes her to be an opportunist, trying to get in good with the current heir, while being spurred on by Molly's aggressiveness bleeding into them. She tries to ban her from coming back, but Mags refuses and they leave.

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