Interlude 4.x
Date posted 5 April 2014
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4.x (Pages: Black Lamb's Blood) is the thirteenth chapter and only interlude of Collateral.


The author introduces themselves and explains their reasons for writing Black Lamb's Blood.

In Chapter One, they explain their first encounter with a demon and the consequences it's had in their life.

In Chapter Two, the author goes looking for answers and eventually finds them by joining with two Diabolists. They turn against their mentor upon realizing that he is trying to destroy the Gods, but they fail to stop him. Ultimately this serves to demonstrate the big issue the author is trying to solve. Is it possible to fix the cosmic Balance?

In Chapter Five, the author brings all the points made in the previous chapters together. They work out why two possible solutions aren't actually possible.

In Chapter Six, they finish their book by posing the enslavement of Diabolists as the solution.


  • Wildbow keeps forgetting how annoying it is to write an interesting narrative in this format.



  • The Author
  • Lucrezia
  • Jeffory


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