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Date posted 14 January 2014
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1.x (Pages: Rose Senior's Diary) is the eighth chapter and first interlude of Bonds. The life and times of Rose Thorburn Senior in dairy form.


The diary entries start with an eight year old Grandma Rose narrating her childhood. She describes how mean her father is, how she got lured into a trap by the Duchamps, and the aftermath of it. The next two entries, a year later, describe her struggles and accomplishments with Arsepint the goblin.

The next three entries skip forward to a sixteen year old Rose reporting about her incident in Montreal. She was tricked again, and had one of her mother's books taken. Word spread, and she had to scare the other students away. However one brave group pressed on, obtained the book, and unpreparedly summoned a goblin who later broke them. Rose managed to capture the goblin, and recover the book. Upon returning home, Rose realized how alone she truly was. In her frustration, she carelessly swears to never let her children learn magic.

The last entry describes another incident with Aimon Behaim . They have a fight, which then turns into lovemaking. Rose wonders if she should make him an ally.

Major EventsEdit

  • Rose becomes a practitioner
  • Rose's negligence hurts innocents.
  • Rose cripples the Thorburn line
  • Rose considers making an allience


  • Ampelos is greek for "Vine".




  • Father Thorburn
  • Arsepint
  • Furfur
  • Minnie & Herb
  • Mother Thorburn
    • Ampelos (snake form)
  • Lord of Montreal
  • Aimon Behaim
  • Duchamp Coven
    • Pearl


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