An Implement is a tool chosen by a practitioner that serves as a symbol for them and an item to assist in their acts. These tools are bound to the practitioner and so karma will attempt to keep them together no matter what. It is one of the three major things that defines a practitioner and every implement carries three deeper meanings: Declarative, Authoritative, and Socio-cultural.

The Declarative is what the object conveys to the practitioner and others while inert and base, at a glance. The Authoritative is what the object conveys while it is in use. The Socio-cultural is what group or type of person would use the object. All three of these things carries a meaning when decided an implement and should be taken into consideration.[1]

Some iconic implements that have held significant meaning throughout history include: Tomes, Rings, Chakrams, Plates, Staffs, Coins, Emblems, Chains, Skulls, Knives, Standards, Lenses, Masks, Lanterns, Trumpets, and Coffers.

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