An Implement is a tool chosen by a practitioner that serves as a badge for them and as an item to further define their craft. To obtain an Implement, the practitioner must perform a ritual that requires power, the right materials, and to be at the right point in their life[1]. These tools are then bounded to the practitioner, so karma will contrive to keep them together. The Implementum ritual is one of the three major rituals that defines a practitioner, alongside the Famulus ritual and Demesne ritual.

When examining how an Implement can relate to others, the are three major aspects one can look at: declarative, authoritative, and socio-cultural. The declarative aspect is what the object conveys to others while it is inert and base, generally only focusing on the obvious descriptors. The authoritative aspect is what the object conveys to others while it is in use. The socio-cultural aspect is what groups are most likely to use the object and for what purpose. All three of these aspects carry a meaning when deciding on an implement and should be taken into consideration.[2]

Some iconic implements have held significant meaning throughout history. They include Chains, Chakrams, Chalice, Coffers, Coins, Emblems, Knives, Lanterns, Lenses, Masks, Plates, Rings, Scepter, Skulls, Staffs, Standards, Stone, Swords, Talismans, Tomes, Trumpets, and Wands.

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