Ibix Siblings
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender  ?
Status Unbound
Classification Satyrs
Affiliation Cult of Dionysus
Chapter Histories 9

The Ibix Siblings are three Satyrs that were created by Dionysus and are watched over by Jeremy Meath. They follow him to Jacob's Bell.

The Eldest BrotherEdit

The eldest of the brothers is considered a playboy and is capable of driving around in a car, something he takes great pride in. He has the strongest sense of smell.

The Middle BrotherEdit

The middle of the brothers, not much is known about him beyond the fact that he could deduce that Blake Thorburn, now an Other, had passed through.

The Youngest BrotherEdit

The youngest of the brothers,  not much is known besides the fact that he could smell an elemental.


  • Astute Sense of Smell: The brothers can smell various scents and identify them with a high level of accuracy.

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