The Hyena
Personal Info
Age Centuries Old
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Goblin
Affiliation Thorburn Family (Reluctantly)
Chapter Collateral 4.10

The Hyena is a mid-tier Goblin formerly under the command of Blake Thorburn and Evan Matthieu. It was killed during the contest against Conquest. Its sword form is still used by Blake Thorburn as a weapon.


The Hyena was noted to have scrawny fore and hind limbs, narrow enough to make out the bones and tendons, gaps where the flesh sucked in around the ribcage, dangling, twisted, knotted genitals, and the broken, splintered claws on each foot that would tear like the uneven end of a broken bottle and teeth that were every bit as broken and disgusting as the claws.[1]

It had two red eyes, and everything fit together wrong, like a humanoid thing that had once walked on two legs and then been twisted and wrenched into a four-legged shape, everything torn apart and rearranged and regrown until it was this.

In sword form it was ornate, with an ugly face of the Hyena’s head in profile, a ragged claw at the pommel, and the blade itself was uneven, with terrible weight. The grip had spikes sticking out from it, so anyone who held it would gouge their palms and fingers. After falling into Limbo it lost most of its blade.


Being several centuries old, the Hyena has traveled around and amassed a number of Spirits, Ghosts, and Others under its thrall by combat. It arrived in Toronto a few years ago and then hunted down Evan Matthieu until he died of starvation an exposure, proceeding to chase his ghost as well. When Blake showed up a year later, it was sealed into a sword form.

During the contest against Conquest it would be unleashed two times, once to defeat Laird Behaim and again to distract Conquest, who shot it dead.


The Hyena was a vicious and cruel Goblin, taking delight in hunting down and torment Evan when he was alive, never allowing him a prolonged moment of rest. It revels in violence and holds grudges.


  • Foul Breath: It's breath is so foul that those that breath it in vomit and become sick.
  • Ownership: Anything it maims or kills has a part of its soul trapped inside of it, which makes them permanently connected and the Hyena can track prey once anything it killed spots it. This also prevents those killed by it from moving on until it is dealt with.
    • It can also command Lesser Goblins.
  • Sword Form: The Hyena takes a sword form that allows others to wield it as a weapon. This weapon is later infused with elements from Limbo that slow or prevent healing. Crone Mara states that one killed by that blade will not return.

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