A Human is someone who is just that, an unaltered person who has no trappings of Others. Different from a Practitioner, they can lie and act freely without the bindings that being Awakened causes or being Foresworn. Humans are agents of change and thus are opposite agents of order, which occasionally include angels.

Origins Edit

From Faysal's perception, humans were born by chance as random molecules assembled, thus taking on the ability to change and carry chance with them.

Advantages & DisadvantagesEdit

Being a normal person as opposed to a practitioner affords certain advantages, as most Others cannot freely act upon them with limitations and the universe itself will contrive to protect them in some roundabout way. They can lie, something that is valuable given the nature of power in the Pactverse, and don't usually build up karmic debt because it gets corrected almost immediately while harmless.

However, normal people are more susceptible to the supernatural and their effects. An Enchanter or Enchantress can easily manipulate someone who isn't able to defend themselves and they are easily preyed upon by Others or put under their influence, so long as it doesn't interfere with the Seal of Solomon.

Some people have weaponize their advantages by becoming Blackguards and Witch Hunters, capable of challenging reality because they are innocent, allowing them to see through some trickery should they be aware that the supernatural exists, but not awakened.

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