The Hillglades House is the home of the Thorburn heir, sitting between marshlands and the town and acting as a barrier against the expansion of the town itself. For this reason many people want the property to be sold. It is one of the most heavily fortified locations within the Jacob's Bell against the supernatural that only a few entities can siege. As of Mala Fide arc the house protections were brought down by Dionysus, leaving it vulnerable, and in the subsequent arcs it is wrecked and Faysal then sinks it into the abyss entirely, turning it into a new addition akin to a Library.


Books lined shelves in nearly every room with an available wall, some old with cracked spines, some new, recent bestsellers.  It was all sorted more like a library than a home, clearly by some arrangement of age and alphabetized. Anachronistic in design.

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