Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Troll
Affiliation Sandra Duchamp
Chapter Interlude 3

Hildr is an Scandinavian Troll that Sandra Duchamp captured and bound to her as a Familiar over ten months.


In Familiar Form: A stoat, a short tailed weasel, known for their appetite.

In Other Form: She was of a size and bulk that suggested she could catch a charging rhino and wrestle it to the ground. Dark skinned, white furred, more wart and scar than clean flesh where flesh was visible. Hair and fur were long and tied into braids as thick around as an arm, with the longest braids locked into place with iron shackles that could be used to dash a man’s skull to pieces. Her arms are disproportionately long, with lines and cords of muscle visible even beneath the long, brushed fur.[citation needed]


Hildr is described as clever and cunning, capable of speaking but preferring gestures and grunts. She mostly resorts to violence, however.

Her intelligence is spent in tactics and anticipation of pray.


  • Super-Strength: As a troll, Hildr boasts a very high level of strength.


Hildr was found in the Scandinavian mountains and tracked down by Sandra over the course of eight months, where two months later she was caught and bound as a familiar.

She accompanied her partner back to the states where sandras family arranged her mla meeting a possible marrige with Jeremy Meath. Hildr provided needed intimidation.

Years later she was used in agressive negotiations with the fae.

They went back to Jacob's bell after sandra seperated from jeremy.

Persumably accompanied sandra everywhere she went.

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