Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender  ?
Status Deceased
Classification Imp
Affiliation Second Choir, Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm
Family Flavros (Creator)
Chapter 15.06

Hauri is an imp of the Second Choir, an organized mote cast off from the demon Flavros, who arrived at the beckoning of Ms. Lewis to punish Rose Thorburn Junior for attempting to go back on the deal.

Being a get of Flavros, was a mote of duality, associated with Flavros’ triality. Where its master confused the establishments of one individual’s past, present, and future, crafting prophecies that tangled up lives, Hauri was not yet fully developed. It could only create dissonance. A conflict between what was perceived and what was, the notes speculated, or between what was and what wasn’t.

In the past it was bound by Marissa De Roust, and later on Rose binds it by name so that Nick could cut its head off, which was then used to repel the other imps.


Hauri was larger than other motes summoned by Ms. Lewis, with a second head forming at one shoulder. Wet, gruesome, bloody, with wings.


None revealed.


  • Duality Separation: Hauri, being a cast-off of Flavros, can break apart things into two, including split himself into two demons rather than one.

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