Hal Spikedick
Personal Info
Alias Needledick
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Duchamp Coven
Family Unnamed Duchamp (Wife)
Occupation Goblin King
Chapter Execution 13.8

Hal Spikedick is a practitioner called in by the Duchamp Coven for the lordship contest.

After the events of the night where Blake had killed a number of the husbands, he confronted Sandra Duchamp on the matter of how the children were all like their mother and how he had spent time helping them for certain promises that they apparently couldn't keep and wanted her to step down. When she refused he tried attacking her and failed, then attempting to leave conflict broke out.


Described as a man in a motley garb.


Much like his goblins he has a short-temper and is brash and blunt. This made him easy to bait for Sandra.


As a Goblin King he commands a number of Goblins, some of which he keeps bound in small bones.


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