Those Practitioners that work with Goblins. Technically a female Goblin King is called a Goblin Queen but forget that.


The focus of a Goblin King's magic is to offend people others and get in the enemies way. It deals with conflict and gaining tools.[1] Are known to force Goblins into a tool or weapon form for the practitioner to use.

Notable Goblin-usersEdit


  • Reason for choosing King rather then Queen
    • Firstly, king is derived from a norse word that means "ruler of Man" Man in the sense of people over just those with dicks. As such the term was originally gender neutral and thus fits with this article.
    • Secondly, background of sexism in the tradition bound world of Pact makes the choice of title apt.
    • Thirdly, suck it it's about Goblins.

References Edit

  1. Goblins
    Goblin magic is, well, offensive, and not simply in the ‘aggressive’ sense of the word. The most powerful goblin magic aims simply to hamper the enemy more than it does the practitioner. Earning the respect of goblin enables them to be claimed as followers or as prizes, with conquered goblins becoming tools or (more frequently) weapons the practitioner can collect and use. - Pact Dice: The Practices - Wbow Version