Gloria Behaim
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Family Ben Behaim (Husband)
Occupation Chronomancer
Chapter Mala Fide 10.5

Gloria Behaim is a senior member of the Behaim family and the wife of Ben Behaim. She's distraught about the impeding conflict because it will involve the youngest practitioners they have.


A woman older than Laird but still possessed of the Behaim’s characteristic stockiness and ruddy complexions, heavy eyebrows, dark hair and dark eyes. She seemed like the type that might be called a dowager, the sort of woman who’d have been called handsome more than pretty, back before age had taken its toll with wrinkles and sagging skin.


She's the He has been a practitioner for a long time and seems more distraught about how Duncan has called in all hands to deal with the Thorburn Family and as such will be possibly facing Demons.