Glamour is an ability of Faeries that work as an illusion-made so real that reality itself is fooled. It can change one object from another, grant certain properties, or even bestow death onto the ageless by dressing a weapon up with the illusion of true death. A glamour is most effective if it can insinuate itself into your subconscious and it thrives on attention, as the more it draws and the more beings it fools the more it asserts itself as what it is.


As a tool of a practitioner glamour can bring whatever image you have into reality.

This makes it ideal for Shapeshifting as you can change your form with it alone so well that even the Connections are disguised. However, if you believe in the glamour too much or don't leave a tell, you may become permanently stuck in that form. Likewise the change is fragile and if it gets seen through well-enough then reality will reassert itself violently.

Objects infused with glamour carry a kind of charge, an influence. Say a coin that was dressed in glamour to become lucky would be lucky, or an earring that grants enchanted hearing. However, getting used to the glamour makes it seem unimportant and the glamour itself will register this and act accordingly so the item itself is lost as a mere part of the scenery. If the object grants you an ability or boon is lost then Karma reasserts itself and balances things, taking away what was given by the item and possibly more.