Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Goblin
Affiliation Hal Spikedick
Chapter Execution 13.8

Gallowscream is an powerful Goblin that Hal Spikedick bound to him as a Familiar.


When he is a Familiar he takes the form of a toad.

In his true Other form his fingers had had iron worked into them, twisted into and under flesh, a pair of permanent gauntlets with pointed tips, permanent claws. Its face had nails in it, all inserted vertically, just under the skin. Red, raw spaces between the individual nails, and around the spots where the nail had pierced or scraped skin on the way through. Four nails surrounded each eye socket, a diamond shape, points nailing the eyelids into permanently open positions. Its mouth was closed, its lipless grin literally ear to ear.

It wore armor and it was hard to tell where armor ended and flesh began. Much of it had been inserted through and beneath flesh, bits where muscle was hooked around or over spikes of dark iron. And it had a number of weapons at its waist.


Gallowscream is a powerful Goblin with some resourcefulness when it comes to fighting.

He was able to fend of with a new-born bogeyman.


  • Goblin Physiology: as a Goblin he is completle functional regardless of mutilations. Similarly he has a mouthful of ranged weaponry that somehow works. M
    • Super-Strength: As a Goblin, Gallowscream boasts a very high level of strength.
  • Goblin Weapons: Gallowscream has a number of weapons made from other bound Goblins with different abilities, including an ax that made whatever it hit explode into entrails, a dagger that let it create more goblins, a flail, a swords with many spikes jutting out.

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