Malcolm Attwell
Personal Info
Alias Fell
Age  ?
Gender Male
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Attwell Family
Chapter Collateral 4.1

Malcolm "Fell" Attwell is a practitioner in the service of Conquest. From the moment he awakened as a practitioner he was bound to serve Conquest as his father and his father's father did. This made him cynical and left him without remorse for those doomed by circumstances. He participated as a champion of Blake Thorburn for the chance to gain his family's freedom and was killed by a construct of Diana Thompson, while his soul was held captive by the Shepard.


Light haired, often dressed in white, he carries a polished, silver-platinum gun.


Fell has a cynical outlook on life due to the circumstances he finds himself in and, at the same time, had no pity for people of circumstances. The only freedom he was allowed was to drive fast, so he did so knowing that his death meant he could be replaced and treasured his car. When offered a chance at freedom for his family, he took it.

He didn't initially like Blake because he threw things into chaos, but being offered a position as his champion gave him a chance at freedom and to that end he supported him. Fell is pragmatic, even stating that he would kill and hold Blake's soul should the opportunity arise if it meant keeping the contest going and maintaining his freedom.


Fell was an Illusionist and Enchanter, combining the skill sets of both of his lineages. He's shown to be able to also create magic snares.


Fell had no known Implement, Familiar, or Demesne.


Fell carried around with him a sort of powder that allowed for him to work his illusions with a sprinkle. He also carried around a gun.


Fell arrived at Blake's home unnoticed and waited until Blake spotted him before telling him Conquest would see him now, as he didn't want to interrupt anything. He guides and presents Blake to Conquest and the rest in the audience until he's given leave. He later takes Blake to and from his destinations while dealing with Pauz and the Hyena, although he was quite upset when Blake summoned him through connections.

When the contest began against Conquest, he  was chosen as one of Blake's champions and acted as a reluctant sounding board in assisting Blake. He remained as such until Diana Thompson, under orders to kill at least one of the champions, chose him and he bled out in the snow and his soul was captured by the the Shepard.

It is unknown what happened after.

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