A familiar is its practitioner’s greatest ally and lifelong companion. Familiars serve as both a tool and wellspring for magical energy, and act as ambassadors when dealing with spirits and Others. Fate will conspire to keep the practitioner and their Familiar together unless measures are taken by a third party aware of the connection.

The bond between Familiar and practitioner typically allows the use of their services in exchange for a chance to be mortal, in addition to any other terms which have been negotiated. However, should the familiar be more powerful they can use that connection to seize control over the practitioner. When the contract is made the familiar will take on a different shape. Not all familiars take the form of a living creature, some become inanimate objects.

It is possible, though uncommon, for an Other to be used as both Familiar and Implement. Notably you can only have one familiar in western culture, but eastern culture allows for many, although the relationship is different and closer to that of a lord over vassals and not built on cooperation.

Notable Familiars & Their MastersEdit