Faerie magic is used by practitioners who deal with the Fae. Being close to the tiger does not make you safer.


Focusing on deals and interaction[1] They need to be able to deal with courts that live for interigue and portrayals.

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  1. Faerie
    Glamour, deception, beguilement. Faeries and their workings are well known enough, weak against direct confrontation and effective in subtler courses. By and large, the peril in Faerie Magic is in dealing with those who teach and provide it, and in the fact that it is so hard to interpret, with few certainties, measurements or clear explanations. For those who delve deep and escape the ire of the Faerie themselves (not calling them fairies is especially important), Glamour can be obtained; the quantities capable of rewriting reality if it is believed. - Pact Dice: The Practices - Wbow Version