Faeries are a species of Others that typically thrive inside cities. They like to dress themselves up in layers and layers of artifice and artistry around themselves until it becomes unsustainable, at which point a revolution occurs, a new guard steps into place, and the cycle begins all over again.

Faeries typically don't get along with Goblins and it has been revealed that some time in the past they actually enslaved and bound some goblins, during an era when the courts were changing over. As a result it mixed up relationship between the two. Their personalities and abilities tend to be opposite as well. Goblins refer to them as the unfair folk.


Faeries come in many shapes and sizes, male and female, but generally speaking they follow trends that change over time. Faeries manipulate things to distract, to addle your senses so you aren’t paying attention to the fact that it doesn’t fit with reality, with Glamour. Faeries are weak to crude materials and direct behavior, as a result of it challenging their beliefs and self-delusions. They are easily bored, to the point where some throw away their minds or lose them in order to start fresh. It is said that once faeries become bored they become monsters of the worse kind.

Exiled Faeries, those who are banished, are not allowed to directly harm innocent people or appear in large cities or interact with Lords.


  • Fairies: Witless, minor denizens of their realm.
  • Changelings: Creatures left behind to replace babies.

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