Faceless Woman
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Loner
Chapter Bonds 1.6

The Faceless Woman is a nameless Bogeyman that dwells in Jacob's Bell and was described as one of the top five horrors that dwelled there before the battle of lordship over the town began.


A woman with hair, hat and coat covering much of her face, but only vague, black smudges where her eyes and mouth should be. She carries a cigarette and a cracked cellphone, and wears boots.


Described as territorial, impatient, and violent, many Others gave her a wide berth and avoided challenging her before. While she cannot speak, she emotes well and doesn't think of herself as human before she became a bogeyman. This is more evident when her presence holds back a number of Others during the assault on the Hillglades House. Even Pizza Man, who accompanies her, will back away when she's angered. However, she was willing to break away from her assault to tend to him. She also treats Green Eyes rather fondly, almost as if a daughter.


At some point she was lost into Limbo, in a manifestation known as "The Forest" and came back. She was too reckless and hard to rein in for Ottawa’s Lord, and Toronto kicked her out, so she ended up in Jacob's Bell. Between her arrival and the start of the story she had sworn to stay out of Johannes' Demesne.[citation needed]

In-story, she first appeared while trying to lure Blake Thorburn out of the Hillglades House by pretending to assault the pizza delivery man, who was actually her Revenant friend. She then appeared in Mala Fide 10.2, where she attempted to assault an Other only to be stopped by Pizza Man because it would make things complicated. During the assault on the Hillglades House she was there but retreated when Pizza Man was set on fire.

She later joins with Blake's group, tending to Green Eyes by combing her hair and using it to hide where her face had been scrapped off by the Dragon.


  • Flesh Knitting: The bogeyman is capable of knitting flesh together with a mere touch, trapping someone in their own skin. She can also do it to herself.

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