Face-Stealing Bogeyman
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Loner
Chapter 5.x

The Face-Stealing Bogeyman is a nameless Bogeyman that temporarily served as the Familiar of Joseph Attwell. He assisted him for the short time he was in his service until Conquest severed the connection between them and what happened to it afterwards is unknown.


Dressed as well as anyone else on the street at the time, his hair was cut short and neatly parted, while he wore a long coat over a suit with a tie, and over-the-ankle boots with slight heels.

His face, however, appeared to have been carved off and pulled free, only to be haphazardly nailed back into position, with nails all around the edges. The skin hung loose in places, was stretched too tight in others, and he had a permanent leer, exposing perfect white teeth that looked like they had never touched food.


Described as an actor by trade, as the familiar of Joseph he acknowledges that he is a murderer and that he was bound for that reason. It does act in his interest to fulfill it's promises, but expresses no guilt when it comes to murder.


  • Cloaking: The bogeyman is capable of remaining unnoticeable or unremarkable so normal people don't notice him. It doesn't work as well on practitioners.
  • Impersonation: Any face that he steals allows him to impersonate that person and any abilities they have, with the fresher the application the more unnoticeable it is.

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