Emily Attwell
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Attwell Family
Occupation Student
Chapter 5.x (Histories: Attwell Family)

Emily Attwell is the niece of Malcolm Attwell.


She's described as a little girl who has yet to come of age.


Emily is youthful and desired to do magic more than anything else. She was close to her uncle despite the fact he tried to distance her to avoid having indoctrinate her into Conquest's service. This made her vulnerable to Murr's manipulations and required Elder Sister stopping her from suffering the same fate as The Shepard.


Emily become an Illusionist and Enchantress after the death of her uncle. Her prowess with illusions, while fledgeling at best, is capable of allowing them to peer past several traps and escape from harm.




At some point in the past Emily's father had died by recklessly dealing with a threat the same way his father had, weakening Conquest in the process and leaving Emily in Fell's care along with her grandmother.[1] Shortly before the contest with Conquest, she returned from a trip to a castle and regaled him with how she met a merman.

Her uncle's death hit her hard and she and her grandmother arrived to the meeting about what to do with Conquest bound in his place. She is later seen visiting his grave.


She later appears with the rest of the Toronto Council at the behest of Rose's summon and Faysal's power. She assists in their escape from the demons, as well as masking Rose's group from being seen as they ventured towards Johannes' domain.

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