The elements consist of wind, water, wood, fire, earth, air, and metal, each capable of being manipulated through the esoteric arts found in Pact. Those that manipulate them exclusively are called Elementalist.


The only element that you can use to enhance a gun. Any other element interferes with the trigger.[citation needed]


Associated with warmth, heat, and purification, fire is the bane of many Others including demons from the Choir of Darkness.


Associated with flow, fluid, and magic. More coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Considered to be a dying element following the industrial revolution.[1]


  1. “Metal or wood?” I asked, pointing.

    The question bought us a moment’s pursuit. Had the vessels been uniform in size and shape, I imagined it would be a march, a dozen hard feet hitting ground at the same moment. But they weren’t. It was a shuffle.

    "Metal,” Fell said, quiet, “Never wood, post-industrialization. Dying element.” - Subordination 6.7

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