Elementalism is the art of utilizing the Elements through various means. Those who utilize this form of magic exclusively are known as Elementalist, but they can be further divided into different classes depending on what element is used. It also has a strong connection to Shamanism.


Elementalism is a material and conjure oriented school, meaning there is a heavy focus on collecting power to summon the forces of nature. At its most basic level, Elementalists can call forth elemental spirits to perform effects such as fireballs, lightning, or a hibernation-inducing blizzard. However these spirits must be channeled through an appropriate item. Another basic spell is the ability to store elemental spirits into containers.

More adept Elementalists can bind an elemental spirits to a vessel, giving those spirits more autotomy in the material world.[1] These vessels tend to offer some sort of benefit, but at the cost of becoming new weak points. All spirits expend power when being used, so most Elementalists have to find ways to restore that power.


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