Elder Sister
Personal Info
Alias Elder
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Sisters of the Torch
Occupation Pyromancer
Chapter 6.04

Elder Sister is the leader of the Sisters of the Torch and a member of the Toronto Council who appears in the Subordination Arc. During the contest between Blake Thorburn and Conquest she is chosen as one of Conquest's champions. She is later revealed to have aspirations to be the next Lord, which she succeeds in doing.


She's described as only a woman in a white mask with a glowing ring.


Elder Sister overall appears to be a reasonable figure and is revered by her fellow sisters, but she acknowledges that they aren't strong enough to deal with some of the threats that plagued Toronto and refuses to involve them until she believes she has no choice, hence why she attempted to stop Blake from delivering the final being Conquest asked him to find at the very last moment. She doesn't particularly hate him, but just sees him as more trouble than he's worth. This bystander syndrome also influences how she practices as she was content to leave the Demon and Hyena sealed away rather than deal with them.


Elder Sister first appeared to stop Blake from delivering the Abstract Demon's arm only to have been chosen as a champion for Conquest.

Later on she is revealed to have aspirations to be the next Lord once Conquest was sealed away. She was hesitant to assist Blake and Rose because both of them were tainted by Demons and Conquest respectively, but their grandmother Rose Thorburn Senior had visited often and they inherited her rights. In the end she agreed to assist them with dealing with the Abstract Demon in exchange for possibly separating their fire spirit from the machines that Diana Thompson owns and three questions from Tiffany and Alexis, but with Blake's death this is forgotten and she proceeds to continue to harass Diana.

She later arrives with the other members of the Toronto Council, having become the new Lord, at the beckoning of Rose and Faysal, with Rose condemning Jacob's Bell to Toronto and dragging them into the conflict.