The Duchamp Coven is a family that lives in Jacob's Bell. They are a family of practitioners 500 years strong and, because of ancient magic, every child born to a Duchamp woman will be female. Their family goal is to have as many women as possible from their family behind positions of power.

Any practitioner they join with they assist in their goals, but they gain any daughter born to teach them their ways (which is almost an absolute given the magic on their bloodline) as well as a share of their power, a token offering every three years.

The Duchamps consists entirely of Enchantresses, manipulating connections, and they have a long rivalry with the Thorburn Family. The family also has close ties with the Fae, ties in Japan and to shrines there, an agreement with Goblins in Jacob's Bell to not harass or be harassed in return, and have entered into an alliance through marriage with the Behaim Circle (although it may have fallen through).

Family MembersEdit