Dragons are Others that are more akin to snarls or recursive loops. They are rare and only occur when stars align and something feeds into itself, like a lesser God. Feral and powerful, they are more akin to wild animals and take an enormous amount of effort to defeat.


Every dragon is different, and some are more elemental, or mostly elemental, or spirit, or deific. Something like a lesser god that worships itself, or an elemental that takes in more than it puts out. They happen only when the stars align right, and attempts to produce them tends to turn out wrong. They’re rare and they’re unique and they tend to be feral, not always reptilian, but there’s something to be said for memory and the world remembering the dinosaurs or whatever, so it’s more common, as a given snarl needs to find a reference point,


Dragons are feral, akin to wild animals that can be tamed. There’s no polar opposite when it comes to dealing with them. Most are amalgams of elemental and spirit and animal and nightmares, on top of whatever else. You have to beat them at their own game. You get the dragons that are all poison, to the point that one drop of venom can clear out a lake. Then you have to just out-poison them. You get the dragons in some areas of the East that are more spirit and elemental, like dragons of the mountains and it’s like you have to destroy a mountain by hitting it with a bigger.

There’s another way, however. Most are violent, killing machines so if you’re brave enough, you can try the conventional means, like facing them in battle. Eventually someone succeeds, usually with the backing of some major power like a god.