Personal Info
Alias Gargler
Gender Female
Status Unbound
Classification Gremlin
Affiliation Loner
Chapter 6.12

Douchegargler is a Gremlin formerly under the command of Maggie Holt. It was set free during the contest against Conquest and proceeded to use the parking lot of the police station as a staging ground to face-off against the members of the Behaim Circle by sabotaging cars and rigging the to explode. It fled once Laird Behaim arrived.


It was described as the size of a chimp, roughly as hairy, but less than Screwloose. Potbellied and similarly decorated as her counterpart, it carried a makeshift backpack and wore a collar and a self-inflicted two-way wedgie with a single length of rusty chain welded to a collar.


Douchegargler was described as a mad-dog type goblin, sent out to attack others.


  • Tinkering:Douchegargler is capable of tinkering with vehicles.