Personal Info
Alias Bromios, Agrios
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Active
Classification God
Chapter Histories 3 (Mentioned)

Dionysus is a Greek God that the Cult of Dionysus serve and worship, as well as the creator of the Nymphs, Satyrs, Bacchae, and Maenads.


His physical appearance has yet to be shown.


Jeremy Meath described him as a god of madmen, a protector of those who do not belong to society. His favor is shown to waver depending on his mood and those that raise them.


  • Creation of Life: Can create Others in his image, such as Nymphs, Satyrs, Bacchae, and Maenads.
  • Empowerment: He can empower those he deems worthy with strength enough to match a Sphinx in combat.
  • Fertility: He can influence fertility in others, as well as determining the gender of the unborn child.
  • Endless Supplies: He can provide an endless supply of goods that fall into his scope, such as beer, as well as keeping certain herbs burning, like a joint.
  • Barrier Destruction: Can destroy barriers meant to keep others out using heavy protections.
  • Intoxication: Can induce intoxication upon others, or rendering them in an insate state.


  • Dionysus is the first known God in the story.