Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Goblin
Affiliation Maggie Holt
Chapter 3.02

Dickswizzle was a Goblin in the service of Maggie Holt and her best one in pure terms of muscle. It was sealed in a whistled and listened to whoever held it. It was killed during the contest with Conquest by Midge..


Dickswizzle was described as a hairy, bearded, chimp-like Goblin.


Dickswizzle was a crass Goblin, loyal to whoever owned its whistle. Rose Thorburn Junior exclaimed that it was so unpleasant to work with that she understood you couldn't work with the without becoming unpleasant yourself.


At some point in the past Maggie caught him inside of a whistle. He temporarily served Rose Thorburn Junior and destroyed the Demesne of a young girl before returning to Maggie's command. When summoned as a last resort against Midge, he was ripped in half by the Subhuman and died.


  • Super Strength: Dickswizzle had an above human level of strength.