Diary Girl
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Loner
Chapter 11.08

Diary Girl is a nameless Bogeyman that was summoned by Rose Thorburn Junior to aid her in defending her home, but quickly turned on the members of her circle once she was "bounced" by Eva and Andy. She was then subdued by Blake Thorburn. She later appears in the Library section of the Abyss, only to once more be subdued by Blake and bound to an oath to never harm another person again.


A girl in old fashioned clothes, carrying a diary bound in skin, complete with ugly black stitches. Her head hung, her hair in her eyes, her lips were painted crimson. Her flesh was just carefully cut pieces of paper, stacked atop one another, some pieces with blood on the edges. Her old fashioned 40’s dress was made of more paper, yellowed and scribbled on in places. Her eyes were the only thing that was real.

A book of flesh, a body of paper.


Her personality seemed almost school girlish with a crush on Blake because of his wood nature being an affinity with her paper. She was willing to free Blake from the mirror once she had killed the others, with the intent of taking their skin by letting them bleed out so she could make a new book, delighted in drinking their fear. Blake realizes she's too far gone and there's no human left inside to be reasoned with. Later on, she driven by thoughts of revenge due to Blake stabbing her with a wound that wouldn't heal.


  • Paper Manipulation: The bogeyman is capable of controlling her paper to slash and cut into others. She can also reform her body out of the pages as long as her medium, a flesh-covered book, is safe.

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