A Demesne is a place of power and one of the three essential things for a practitioner to have. In the event that a practitioner becomes to attached to their demesne they may become a part of it and die when it fades away, resulting in a ghost, and/or a location saturated with power. Otherwise they fade into Limbo.



Gaining a DemesneEdit

To gain a place of power the practitioner must stake their claim and then defeat all those who would challenge them over it. By defeating all those who challenge them, the domain is the practitioners to do with as they please, but the bigger the location to more challengers. During the ritual they cannot leave and it may take hours to days to complete it.

During the challenge to claim a place of power the uncooperative Spirits and Others are ejected, leaving only cooperative ones, but if there are no challengers then there is no way to import power and makes it useless.


Inside of a demesne the practitioner is 'A step below God' and they have ultimate power as the domain is a reflection and an extension of the self, a safe place that they can do nearly anything in. That being said Familiars have a claim to the demesne as they are a part of the practitioner. If the differences cannot be reconciled then the power that the familiar proves and be concentrated in a dedicated space.

It becomes possible to manipulate time while inside, but once out of it reality will correct the difference. As one can determine the rules within their realm, they can use the place as a form of esoteric moneychanger, changing one kind of power for another, and a source of good karma. Some find that they can draw on their continual connection to their place of power to access it from remote locations, using something like a certain key in any lock, an outline in chalk, or using the blood of an enemy.

When forming contacts with Others, the demesne becomes a meeting place and even a home to some beings, who give tribute in turn, by way of power, gifts, or services.

Notable DemesnsesEdit

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