Defenestration Bogeyman
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Free
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Loner
Chapter 12.05

The Defenestration Bogeyman is a Bogeyman encountered by Blake Thorburn in the Tenements during the "Duress" arc. He bargained with Blake for release and reappeared during the "Judgement" arc to kick Barbatorem out of tower and damage Johannes' body enough that it lost all claim to the demesne.


A man in a rumpled business suit, tie too tight at his neck. His hair was mussed up, like he’d just woken up. His sleeves barely reached past the halfway point on his forearms, and he wore no socks or shoes. Hands and feet both were covered in deep gouges that disappeared beneath the fabric of his suit. His face pulled into a wide grimace, not quite a frown, not quite a smile, just pain and ugliness, every one of his teeth visible, even the molars and wisdom teeth.


  • Stealth: The bogeyman appears quietly with zero sound of his approach, enabling him to sneak up on even demons.

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