Damages 2.4
Date posted 28 January 2014
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Damages 2.4 is the fourth chapter of Damages. The lawyers answer a lot of questions, Blake and Rose are taken on afield trip by one.


The lawyers answer a flurry of questions asked by Blake and Rose including:

  • Who they are? They're practitioners.
  • Why are they here? It's part of Granny Roselyn's deal, plus they're hoping to recruit the Thorburn heir.
  • What is Karmic Debt? It is the universe's balancing mechanism. When someone does a wrong thing, the universe will conspire to pay back the wrongdoer with other wrongs. Should a person die before the universe can finish restoring balance, then the burden of punishment goes to the wrongdoer's children. Alternatively a practitioner may pay off all debt if they choose to join Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm.
  • Would it be right to retaliate against someone who tricked you? Yes, it would be right.
  • What about their money? They will receive a monthly allowance.
  • What is the cost of joining? They will be giving Demons a greater foothold in reality.

After most of the questioning is done, Ms Lewis offers to help bind June and escort Blake. Along the way, they practice using their Sight. They quickly realize they're being followed. While they stood there trying to figure out who, a bird flies towards them transforming into a stunning woman with massive sword.


  • First discussion of what is going on.



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