Damages 2.3
Date posted 25 January 2014
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Damages 2.3 is the third chapter of Damages. Blake and Rose try their hand at summoning and binding a ghost.


Blake and Rose are reading some more books, looking for a way to attack Laird. They tried to call their grandmother's lawyers for help, but were unable to get a response. Instead they settle on using necromancy,specifically ghosts, because it potentially allows them to gain a magical tool without having to wander too far from the house.

Blake draws a salt circle, chants June's name, and reinforces the connection with blood. An old-fashioned half-dressed woman with blackened fingers appears and crawls her way to the circle. Blake tries to talk to her, only to be given her freezing pain. Rose manages to get her to explain her backstory, and agree to a deal. In exchange for June's help, Blake will keep her warm. She binds herself to a hatchet, and everyone heads back into the house. Before they can have some celebratory hot chocolate, the chapter ends with them finding their lawyers, Mann, Levinn, and Lewis, sitting in their living room.

Major EventsEdit

  • Blake gains a magical hatchet.



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