Damages 2.2
Date posted 21 January 2014
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Damages 2.2 is the second chapter of Damages. The Council discuss Blake's offer, Maggie and Johannes give Blake some advice, and we learn that Rose is a vestige.


The Council reacts to Blake's offer. Despite his attempt at sowing distrust, Laird and Sandra manage to keep everything under control. We learn about the seriousness of Demons, Briar girl's desire for the Thorburn's land, and a bit more about Padraic. The Council then holds a vote for whether or not to kill Maggie Holt, of which they vote nay.

Everyone leaves once the council meeting finishes. Maggie and Johannes catch up to Blake to talk a bit more. Johannes points out the danger of the execution vote. Maggie shrugs it off as a slap on the wrist. She also takes the opportunity for a deal at a later date.

Blake and Rose leave for home. They begin talking about their relationship again. We learn that Rose is a visage, and visages don't live for long. With her fate revealed, they move on and begin preparations for Laird's sabotage.



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