The Cult of Dionysus is a gathering of practitioners and servants who are beholden to the Greek God, Dionysus. There are various branches, but the one in Toronto is the only one known within the story, its current high priest is Jeremy Meath.[1]

Responsibilities of a CultistEdit

The cultists make pledges, promising themselves to their god’s favor, and promising to keep to certain rules. This often entails watching over and keeping current his children/creations, namely the Nymphs, Satyrs, Bacchae, and Maenads, as well as starting parties or orgies and slaughtering an occasional goat or ten.

Dionysus gives favors in return, such as providing the means to fight, protection, company of one of his children exclusively, or ensuring that things within his scope continue to flow, such as endless beer and keeps herbs burning.

Have been known to prowl around local universites.[2]

Notable CultistsEdit

References Edit

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    “No, ma’am,” the lead guy said.

    "Behave, and don’t overstep your bounds,” she said. “Or privileges can be rescinded.” - Excerpt from Collatural 4.5