Crooked Hat
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Duchamp Coven
Occupation Scourge
Chapter Execution 13.5

Crooked Hat was a husband of a member of the Duchamp Coven who assists them in the lordship competition. He is killed when his bindings on an Other breaks due to Evan and the Other crushes his head.


Identified by the worn, bent top hat he wore, a tattered trench coat that looked like my sweatshirt did, albeit dustier than mucky, buttoned over a vest and a dress shirt with a tie, and he carried a bent cane. The items didn’t match, not quite, despite his generally neutral color scheme. The various articles of clothing had been collected as trophies.


A cynical man who carried the Abyss with him and saw no difference between it and the world, he's not noted to be a bad person but was possibly put on the kill list by someone because the children were forced to live with it.


He was a scourge, a user of bogeymen, who sought to manipulate the Abyss to his own ends. To that end used bound Others to serve him and seemed to be able to manipulate objects to break with a tap of his cane, ruining them with a touch and making them damaging to others. His hat seemed to be a mobile demesne, capable of bringing a little of the Abyss into the world.