Personal Info
Gender Male
Status  ?
Classification Familiar
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Occupation Familiar
Chapter Malfeasance 11.3

Cranaus is a Familiar who was once a great man and now survives by changing masters. He catches Blake and Evan spying on the family, but leaves them with information they need after testing them. If that information changes events then he and Hylas gain power, and the same goes if they get themselves killed because they rid their master of spies.


He takes the form of a black cat.


Cranaus appears to be a wise and cunning familiar who likes to tilt the odds of things in his favor, while agreeing that he loves his master she has changed from when she used to be a child and he doesn't agree with her. He also advises Evan to aim higher than being a mere bird of flames.


  • Cranus was the name of a former king of Athens.

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