Craig Behaim
Personal Info
Age 12 - 14
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Occupation Chronomancer
Chapter 8.01

Craig Behaim is the son of Laird Behaim and a young member of the Behaim Circle who appears to bargain with Maggie Holt along with several other school-age practitioners. He later appears in Toronto to assist his father in the contest with Conquest. He, according to Padraic, only had a year to live time-wise, but upon his father's premature death he gained half of his remaining time and swore to make himself an enemy of Blake Thorburn directly after he killed his father if something else didn't do so first.


He's described as not being fat or muscular, but in-between and blocky. He has a typical Behaim square jaw and resembled his father.


He is noted by his cousin as being as cruel as his father when dealing with enemies and, while he held no particular grudge against Blake before his father's death he maintains one afterwards.


Subordination & VoidEdit

Craig appeared as one of the Behaims supporting his father during the contest and worked towards binding Blake only to fail once the Hyena was released. He later appeared when Blake killed his father and cursed him with the hopes of whatever happens to him be worse and if it didn't he would come after him.


Craig was one of the Behaims who appeared when Blake asked for Briar Girl to assemble the junior council, pondering about why the phantom bell ringing hadn't stopped since Molly Walker's wraith wasn't running out of energy. He only knows of Blake what he's heard of hearsay due to the events of Toronto, and states that Blake's words about not wanting to kill his father were just words. After the meeting comes to a close he tries to bind Blake with a blessed silver chain after he mentioned he would prove that he meant what he said only to fail.