Personal Info
Alias Lord of Toronto
Gender Male (?)
Status Bound
Classification Incarnation
Occupation Lord
Chapter Collateral 4.2

Conquest is an antagonist in the series. An Incarnation of the concept of conquest, he has become the Lord of Toronto and held the position for a long time. He is thought to be a weaker incarnation of conquest, as there are others running around, but for all intents and purposes he is akin to a god and cannot be killed.

He is bound inside a mirror by Blake Thorburn and Rose Thorburn Junior, but a fragment of his power dwells inside Rose's mind.


He had a bit of a mullet, a white colonial-style jacket with a fleece collar and several belts, a rifle with a bayonet resting against one leg, and a badass beard with a waxed mustache. His eyes look like ‘painting eyes’. 

While inside Rose's mind, he changes forms to a variety of people who have some influence on Rose, one of them being her grandmother


Conquest is an incarnation of the concept he is named after, meaning that he lives and breathes the concept of taking from and depriving others via conquest. He cannot help it as he is the embodiment of it, thus he will do so despite anyone else's thoughts or the consequences that may ensue.

He prefers warfare and bloodshed, but he can draw power from the steady expansion of civilization into nature, from real estate, from business takeovers, government, law, and other small forms of tyranny.


At some point in the past someone summoned and merged with the concept of conquest and became an incarnation. He then became Lord of Toronto and watched over the city, taking the Attwell Family under him after Joseph Attwell broke an Oath he was no longer able to fulfill. By the time the series started he was secure in his power until Blake Thorburn arrived and his heritage was known.

Toronto Arc Edit

Following his nature of Conquest he sought to reclaim this power for himself, but decides to send them out to deal with Pauz, Hyena, and the Abstract Demon instead. His hope was that Blake would be killed so that Rose would remain connected to him, thus giving him a pet diabolist.

Blake survived the challenges and eventually challenged him to a contest, where each chose champions to represent them. He chose Shepard, The Eye, Diana Thompson, Laird Behaim, and Elder Sister, giving him a large force to work with. He later arrives in person when Blake is near-death and is willing to end the contest with his subjugation into his service rather than death, but Blake instead makes another deal to extends it by three days.

He arrives at the end of the three days to confront Blake in the home of Duncan Behaim. After killing the Hyena, he reunites Blake with the ghosts of his most traumatic moments in an effort to subdue him. Playing on Conquest's nature, Blake gets him to chase Rose Thorburn Junior into the mirror world as the final bit needed to end the contest and be victorious. Blake and his allies manage to bind the Lord in a mirror, effectively putting the contest on hold, hopefully indefinitely.

In the aftermath he remains bound, but because the binding is imperfect his essence leaks out into Rose and influences her actions.


Inside of her mind, during the Possession arc, he (well, she now) reveals that she holds more ground even after Rose stops drawing power, but claims that Rose knows what she's doing. And while Blake has more power and presence, by now possessing Rose, Conquest has an intimate understanding of how things works and uses that to attack Blake. Evan's presence gives Blake leverage and thus he surrendered more of his memories to push Conquest out of her mind. While this does not get rid of Conquest, the incarnation does cease his further invasive acts since the moment Rose declares herself Lord of Jacob's Bell alongside Alister he sees it as the grounds for future conquests and beneficial to him, though he does start wearing Blake's face.


  • The an earlier popular interpretation of the book of revelation had the fourth horsemen h conquest as the white rider with his crown, instead of Pestilence or Pollution.

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