Personal Info
Alias Possessed Lawyer
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner (Demon Possessed)
Affiliation Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm
Occupation Diabolist
Chapter 16.06

Christopher is a lawyer belonging to the Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm who appeared during the "Judgement" arc, using a Hellhound to track down Rose's Group.

He managed to defeat The Welder and The Nurse, during the last battle.


A man whose eyes were deep yellow, his hair wild, and scruff on his chin.


The lawyer hasn't shone any discernible personality beyond following orders of his superiors and doggedly chasing after the group. He's aware enough to banish the hellhound after it was freed from it's chain and managed to get it back under control.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an agent of the firm, Christoper is a practitioner who is now bound into servitude for beings that have a connection to the depths of reality, in addition to the skills he had prior to joining. However, he can only use these in service to the firm.

  • Selective Immortality: He cannot die easily.
  • Pain Immunity: He managed to withstand the flames of Evan's flame-bird form without showing any sign of pain.
  • Diabolism: As a diabolist, he can summon a Hellhound to aid him in tracking others, though it seems to dislike him and would turn when it had the chance. It is bound in the form of a chain when not in use.
  • Possession: He is possessed by a demon of the Choir of the Feral, giving him strength enough to tear out the throat of a number of bogeymen.

Trivia Edit

  • The name belongs to the demon possessing the lawyer, as those who join the firm give up their identities.

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