Christoff Walker
Personal Info
Age Younger than 19
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Chapter 1.01

Christoff Walker is the youngest son of Irene Walker and cousin of Blake Thorburn.


Christoff has brown hair like all his family.


So far he sees to have a timid personality like his sister, but he looked up to his older brother and was deeply hurt when he died for him. He expressed outright intention of becoming a practitioner solely to bring him back to life.


Initial ArcEdit

Christoff Walker appeared at the his Grandmother's home with his family but didn't do much of anything. He was also there for the confrontation with Blake and Callen at the store, but connections were forged to incite conflict between them in the wake of his sister's death.

Jacob's Bell Lordship ArcEdit

He is with the rest of the Thorburn Family in trying to oust Rose from the house when Mags picks a fight with Ellie Thorburn to banish Molly's ghost and are forced to leave the place for the day. He later shows up with the rest of the family to try and get rid of Rose, but doesn't do much until he's caught in a flashbang and then tased by Andy. He later wakes up when Blake shows up with Evan to free them and helps hide his brother and set up traps around the house before hiding when Eva spots them.


He eventually ends up trapped in the Library with the others until the Bane slips in and kills his brother, who uses his dying breath to try and shut the door and keep him safe. Afterwards Blake tells him his death ultimately kept them safe. He then asks if he could bring him back with magic, although the rest were hesitant to say since there were certain rules to adhere to. When they need to go to Limbo to get away he narrowly misses being dragged off by a centipede man that passed by, unaware.

On the rooftop Peter teases Christoff and then pushes him when he pushes first, nearly sending him through a floorboard until Blake catches him. He then asks Tiffany how to become a practitioner, thinking his life would be better if he was a little less human, but Blake and Peter tells him that it wouldn't change. He later helps build Blake's new body for revenge and to get his mind off things. When the Hillglades House fell into the Abyss later on, he and Ellie manage to escape while the rest dealt with Barbatorem.