Carter Duchamp
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Duchamp Coven
Occupation Pyromancer, Drug Dealer
Chapter 13.05

Carter Duchamp was a husband of a member of the Duchamp Coven who assists them in the lordship competition. He is killed when a heavy object is dropped by Blake onto his head with Evan guiding and accelerating it.


A petty drug-dealer who ended up in a bad place, the Duchamps originally helped him because they wanted someone willing and able to do some less legitimate business, so they married off one of our own to him, and he got her into that life. He eventually ruined his wife by getting her hooked on the drugs he dealt which in turn led to Child Services coming to take the daughter.


He was a pyromancer, but otherwise unremarkable short of the fact that he could be another pawn in the lordship battle.

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