Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Defeated (Likely to reform in the Abyss)
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Rose Thorburn Junior
Chapter Judgement 16.6

Bristles is a Bogeyman summoned by Rose Thorburn to aid in the fight against Barbatorem and discredit it's claim as Johannes due to being immune to the pipes, possibly because it was a dog that had too many human qualities as a result of becoming a bogeyman or was a human that gained animal qualities. It did it's duty until it was defeated.[1]


A fifty-pound animal that might be a dog, it was more scar tissue than anything else, from burns to tire treads. Weapons and tools that had apparently been used to try to kill it stuck out of its back, sides, head and shoulders, like spines from a porcupine.


  • Inhuman Durability: The bogeyman possessed a large amount of durability.
  • Liminality: to much dog to be human, to human to be dog. What effects one specific category will not effect Bristles, the effect needs to be more wide ranging.

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