Bradley Thorburn
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Occupation  ?
Chapter 1.01

Bradley Thorburn is the son of Rose Thorburn Sr., brother of Charles Thorburn, Irene Walker and Paul Thorburn, as well as the father of Blake Thorburn, Ivy Thorburn, and Rose Thorburn Jr.


Bradley was not the perfect father and admits as much, citing his mother as the one to blame for them fighting every step of the way. He claims to have gotten better since meeting his wife. However, Rose does not believe him and states that he does what's best for him, more evidently proven when he consented with helping to oust Rose from the house and get her locked away in a mental hospital and getting rid of her clothing.



Story StartEdit

In the story proper he first appears in the opening chapter at the death bed of his mother, where all of his family had gathered. To his surprise, his son also arrived after being missing for three years after running away from home. They have a brief discussion before splitting apart.

The EndEdit

He visits the Hillglades House to try and make amends with his daughter with limited success. He then meets with the others at a restaurant only to be expelled after an altercation between Mags and Ellie Thorburn. He later appears at the house and tries to rationalize why they're sending her away, but she calls him out on trying to game her.