Bonds 1.7
Date posted 11 January 2014
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Bonds 1.7 is the seventh chapter of Bonds. At last, Blake becomes an official practitioner, and on the seventh chapter to boot.


Rose rightfully reprimands Blake's hasty decisions thus far and on the unfairness of their relationship. Blake reasonably points out that they can't keep arguing, that they need to trust each other more, despite each of their pasts. Argument done, they begin studying about their Grandmother's gift, Barbatorem. They learn that he is relatively safe for them to use, he is loosely based on the idea of a barber, and was bound by Grandma Rose herself.

They begin preparations for the awakening ritual, but encounter an issue with a text discrepancy. They proceed anyway. After the ritual is completed, they test their new magical abilities. Blake gained the ability to use Sight and command some spirits; Rose gained nothing. Blake decides to check up on Barbatorem again.

Major EventsEdit

  • Blake performs the awakening ritual. He is now officially a practitioner.
  • We meet the story's first Demon.


  • Barbers were once surgeons, such as in the 1800s, able to do things like dentistry and similar.
  • Shorthand is a useful technique that has sadly fallen out of favor.
    • Understanding the cipher would have likely given a hint to the future of the story.





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