Bonds 1.6
Date posted 7 January 2014
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Bonds 1.6 is the sixth chapter of Bonds. In it, Blake orders a pizza, reads his grandmother's diary, and checks up on his housemate. Chill chapter.


Blake orders a pizza while Rose returns from her shower. They discuss about how difficult getting a Demesne, Implement, and Familiar is going to be. Getting frustrated, they read Dramatis Personae to learn about Johannes's impressive feats.

Others began to approach when the pizza delivery man arrives. Blake tries to warn him, but fails. He is stabbed, slammed, and whatever else you can call what Faceless Woman did. Luckily it is revealed that the pizza man isn't actually human, but rather was in on the psychological trick to draw Blake out the house.

Blake and Rose take a moment to recover from the shock. Blake decides that before performing the awakening ritual, he would do a little research on Demons. Rose argues against it, but a fallen note with a key convinces Blake to at least check up on the "ally" Granny Rose left them in the tower room.



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