Bonds is the first arc of the Pact webserial. It is followed by Damages. There are multiple meanings bonds could refer to, some including the family bonds that pulled Blake into the Thorburn's mess, the growing bond between Blake and Rose, or the legal bonds that claim Blake as the next Thorburn heir.


Chapter Brief Description
Bonds 1.1 Thorburn family meeting & Nightmares
Bonds 1.2 Birdmen attack Blake
Bonds 1.3 Blake and Rose explore their grandmother's home
Bonds 1.4 Police interrogation
Bonds 1.5 Coffee shop chat & Faeries
Bonds 1.6 Hoodlums beat down a Pizza man
Bonds 1.7 A peek at the Barber. Awakening ritual.
1.x (Pages: Rose Senior's Diary) The early years of Granny Rose.