Ben Behaim
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Family Gloria Behaim (Wife)
Occupation Chronomancer
Chapter Mala Fide 10.5

Ben Behaim is a senior member of the Behaim family. He's been around since before Laird Behaim was leader, around maybe the time the family was led by Aimon Behaim. He expresses a cynical view of the impeding battle when he notices Blake and heeds his advice on the current circumstances. He later vouches for Timothy Behaim as the potential representative for the elders in the war for the lordship.


A man older than Laird had been, he still possessed of the Behaim’s characteristic stockiness and ruddy complexions, heavy eyebrows, dark hair and dark eyes. His hair was just starting to go gray at the sides, and he had a thick mustache. He wore a plaid flat cap with a brim, that made his hair stick out a bit on the side.


He has been a practitioner for a long time and as such thinks twice on the circumstance. While he would like to regulate it better, they agreed to put on a united front. He doesn't take sides easily because he has doubts, but he does listen to everything with a grain of salt and seems the most reasonable of the Behaims that Blake has met. He lives simply and humbly, working hard until he retired, and he believes the family has been lying to themselves while paying lip-serice to the truth and feels they need to play things safe or they'll suffer for it again.